Our lightweight travels over many thousands of kilometers, through many varied climatic regions have given us a good sense of how to most effectively layer for comfort in all conditions & range of activity - we have brought you the best system components to choose from.


Thermals FAQ



Q: Why Layer?

A: Layering gives you the ability to select a mix of garments that are appropriate for anticipated weather conditions, your expected activity levels, and your metabolism. Successful layering matches garment weight, fabric technology, & number of layers to the expected conditions & activity level. It also allows for some adjustments so you can be comfortable, dry, and perform at your best as activity & temperature vary.


Q: How important is theBaseLayer?

A: The base layer is your most important layer—this is worn next to your skin & it helps regulate your body temperature and transport moisture away from your body; so you keep you dry and comfortable. Base layer garments use a variety of fabric technologies & follow a progression from light to heavier weight. You select the fabric weight & technology to suit anticipated temperatures, activity level, and your metabolism.


Q: Do I need a Mid-Layer?

A: The mid layer will provide you with additional thermal insulation and it should also aid the transportation of moisture from your base layer to your outer layer. Select the mid layer weight & technology accordingly to suit anticipated temperatures, activity level, and your metabolism. This layer may often serve as your outer layer when your activity level and weather conditions suit a simple two layer system. In mild conditions & the warmest part of the day, you may find you only need to wear the base layer.


Q: Do I need an Outer-Shell?

A: This is the outer garment you would put on over your baselayer / midlayer for barrier protection from the effects of wind or cold air movement, rain, water spray, or snow. This layer may add significant thermal insulation, and it should aid transportation of generated moisture to the outside air. As you warm up and conditions improve you have the choice of removing this layer or your mid layer where appropriate to suit your needs.


Q: How do I choose the best layering system for me?

A: We have a lightweight, and some midweight baselayer options to choose from. In general, for more activity & freedom of movement, you will want the light-weight micropolyester base-layer, or the mid-weight micropolyester base layer. In general for less activity, the polypro will work well. Our mid-layer will work well with all these options.


Q: What Payment options do I have with Paypal?

A: You can make secure payment using your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express Credit Card as a Paypal guest - just add your item to thecart, go to the cart, checkout from the cart, select the 'dont have a paypal account' link, & make payment on the secure form. If you you already have a Paypal account, you can choose your preferred secure payment method accordingly.


Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: We will usually dispatch the next business day following payment. Product will ship from our Sydney, or Wellington NZ facility. If there is likely to be any delay we will contact you. Australian wide delivery will usually be made within 3-11 days of dispatch.


Q: Where do you ship to and how much will I pay for shipping?

A: Shipping is set up for Australia wide delivery only. Shipping charges for Australia are as follows:


Flat rate $12.00 shipping charge for any order size.


Q: Can I have a few days to view then 'no questions asked'return a purchase?

A: Yes you can - provided it is returned within 10 days of receipt, unused, and in new, as packaged condition, we will provide a credit for the goods, or provide an alternative from our range to your preference. Please do let us know in advance of sending if you wish to make a return or exchange, so we can prepare accordingly.















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